Posted on October 26, 2015 · Posted in Aeration System, Events, Monitoring Program, Oysters Rock, Presentation, Watershed

Join us Wednesday, Nov. 4th from 6-9PM at the MD Yacht Club for an in depth report on the projects that affect the Rock Creek watershed.

Water Quality, Aeration System Report, Restore Rock Creek, Patapsco River, OystersSpecial guests; Dr. Lora Harris, MD Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, one of our earliest liaisons regarding the aeration system in Rock Creek, and representatives from; CMH2 Hill, AA county’s contractor for the new system.  We look forward to hearing Dr.Lora’s reporting on the results of her team’s sampling results. In addition we will be reporting some of the findings from our own efforts including: Oysters Rock program from Chris Wallis, Restore Rock Creek sampling preliminary results, as well as a report aon some of our fundraising efforts. We hope that you can make it socialize & get better informed. If you have any questions please contact