Posted on May 15, 2015 · Posted in Monitoring Program

Restore Rock Creek (RRC) has engaged Anne Arundel Community College’s Environmental Center which operates Operation Clearwater to complete Bacteria Monitoring on Rock Creek this summer.   Weekly samples will be taken at 4 locations on Rock Creek:

Bar Harbor Peninsula
Rock Hill – Valley Rd
Wall Cove
Whites Cove
Sampling will begin the week of May 21st and will end on Aug 19th and we will be measuring Enterococcus bacteria using an EPA approved process.  Samples will be collected on Wednesday and the results published on Thursdays.
Enterococci are found in fecal material from all warm-blooded animals including birds and mammals.  Their presence in surface water indicates recent contamination with fecal waste.  Counts are expressed in numbers of Colony Forming Units, or CFUs.  Counts greater than 104 per 100 ml (about 3 and 1/3 ounces) will be shown in red as counts this high indicate that water is not suitable for recreational use.  Bacteria typically live for two days once they have been washed into the waterways.  Bacteria cann0t reproduce in water.  This is why Anne Arundel County Health Department recommends avoiding contact with the water for 48 hours after a rainstorm throughout Anne Arundel County.

Rock Creek’s test results will be published on Restore Rock Creek‘s webpage and on Operation Clearwater’s website.  Our results will also be published via the Waterkeeper’s Swim Guide available at itunes and play store.

RRC is dedicated to restoring Rock Creek to health through its programs and projects.  Our focus is on improving Rock Creek’s water quality.  Our programs are designed to help us understanding what impacts our water quality and to develop thoughtful approaches to reducing, or eliminating, elements that are harmful to our creek.  Your donations support our efforts to improve our waterway.

Sampling this year is being paid for by RRC ($1700).   Please join our efforts by becoming a member of Restore Rock Creek.  All membership fees and donations are tax deductible.   Individual memberships are $20 and household memberships (2 adults) are $30.

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