About Us

RestoreRockCreek.org, founded in 2009, is a new watershed organization that is building on the previous efforts of the Rock Creek Citizens Environmental Committee.

Our focus is improving the water quality on Rock Creek through an understanding of what impacts our water and developing thoughtful approaches to minimizing the elements that are harmful to our creek.

We are a non-profit supported by KOOLHOF EARTH a 501c3 corporation.  Donations to Restore Rock Creek will be managed through Koolhof Earth and 100% of your donation will be applied towards Restore Rock Creek Activities.

Most active participants:

Caryn Canfield, Director of Restore Rock Creek.  I am a resident in the Rock Creek Watershed. I became familiar with Rock Creek when we started keeping our boat at Oak Harbor Marina in November of 2006. We have since moved to the area and I have become a Certified Watershed Steward for Rock Creek. Restore Rock Creek started as website has now expanded to include several community members. Our goal is to work with others to make Rock Creek a safe, healthy watershed for people to enjoy filled with healthy plants, animals and clean water.


Chris Wallis - Director of Oysters Rock a Marylanders Grow Oysters ProgramChris Wallis,  Chris Wallis, is the Director of “Oysters Rock”, a Marylanders Grow Oysters Program for Rock Creek. He has lived most of his life in Baltimore and Anne Arundel water communities and has been an avid boater for many years. Chris feels that it is important to do what we can to help restore Rock Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. He is also part of our Steering Committee.



Janet Roessler, Director of Communications  Janet manages the groups facebook account, coordinates with other groups and companies on our behalf and arranges the Monthly Fund Raising Happy Hour. Janet also manages the groups restorerc@gmail.com email address with assistance from Chris and I. Janet and her husband live on Rock Creek in Wall Cove.  Janet is a member of the steering committee.



Susan CohenSusan Cohen, is an English Professor at AA Community College and a Certified Watershed Steward. Susan grew up around the water and loves the outdoors. She is idealistic and committed to making Rock Creek a place for people to enjoy filled with healthy plants, animals and clean water.


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